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Memento® espresso machine white
Manufacturer: Candi, Italy

Espresso machine with Memento® Standard capsules.

Comes with 100 Memento® Standard capsules as a complimentary gift

Extremely easy to use, fully automated - just press the desired coffee length and within seconds you will enjoy the taste and aroma of Memento® coffee;

- Designed for connoisseurs of quality and aromatic espresso, our new machine delivers optimal results for your espresso;

- The ecological and biodegradable Memento® Standard capsules are individually wrapped and contain the exact amount of coffee for one cup;

- An option to adjust the length of the coffee to suit your personal preferences;

- Safety - our machine has a "stand by" mode, so that you can be fully assured there will be no unnecessary power consumption and overheating;

- Extremely compact and suitable even for the smallest kitchen;

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