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Nanopresso pack
Manufacturer: Wacaco

Pack: Nanopresso Grey & Case + NS Adapter + 50 Capsules Memento® Espresso, Nespresso®* Standard

Innovative, hand-operated espresso press with a pressure of up to 18 bar for a rich espresso with a perfect crema. It works with ground coffee or with a Nespresso® compatible capsules adapter (available as a separate product).

Just fill the press with hot water, place the container with ground coffee and pump several times to obtain an espresso with a perfect crema. No electricity, compressed air or hydrogen cartridges are needed. The internal semi-automatic piston is unlocked with a slight rotation from the closed position. By pumping the plunger, small amounts of water are injected into the coffee container. After several pumps, an optimal extraction pressure is obtained and a rich and strong espresso is extracted.

Basic characteristics:

- Can be used with both ground coffee and Nespresso® compatible capsules

- Compact, lightweight and easy to transport

- Capacity of water container 80 ml

- Pressure 18 bar

- Built-in espresso cup and brush

- Holds up to 7 grams of coffee

- Dimensions: 15.6cm x 7.1cm x 6.2cm

- Weight: 336 grams

* "Memento Enterprise" Ltd does not have any rights to the Nespresso® brand. Nespresso® is a trademark of SOCIETE DES PRODUITS NESTLÈ S.A.

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